LIVE WORKSHOP: 7 Steps To Create Your Thriving Conscious Business Online

Discover How To Positively Impact Your Community & The World By Creating Real Change With Your Big Idea

Wednesday 9th August 2017, South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria


Seeking impact-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to make a "bigger difference"

Maybe you're passionate about the environment, maybe its education, maybe it's a health, social or community issue.

Perhaps you want to build a business, launch a product or service, or start an online store. 

Perhaps you already have a conscious business and you're ready to scale it online to increase your impact.

Whatever it is you're aiming for, you know you need to create a solid marketing strategy to get your message out there, and there's no better way to do that than using the power and reach of the internet.

If that's you, you're in the right place.... 

Join Laura Trotta, veteran online eco-preneur and creator of multiple award-winning, thriving and profitable online Conscious Businesses, in this one-day LIVE event to uncover the best roadmap for you to take your idea and expertise online to make the positive impact you want to make in the world.

Insights and AHAs don’t come when working in isolation in our home offices…. and they don’t happen at big events jammed with speakers, crowds and handouts.

Magic happens when you hang out with those who are walking the path you want to walk.

When you surround yourself with big-thinkers who can not only see your vision, they believe you can achieve it and help uncover the most direct path to get you there.

You don’t need another ecourse, conference or training.

You need Idea to Impact Intensive.

Over one FULL day (in person), you’ll be guided through my proven 7-step Idea to Impact Blueprint…. the exact process I've used to create two thriving, profitable and award-winning conscious businesses online... to uncover the best path for you to drive a real profit and make a real difference.

You’ll also mingle with a small group of other like-minded Conscious Business Creators over nourishing wholefoods, have your questions answered, and will get instant clarity on your next steps to business success.


Our private event for a maximum of 15 participants will be held in a stylish, natural-light drenched room in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.

Healthy meals and snacks are included in the cost of the day.

It’ll be intimate, personal and the best investment you’ll make for yourself and your conscious business in 2017.


You’ll leave with clarity, confidence and a clear action plan to up level your online conscious business to make the impact you dream of making in the world.

Move Your Idea To REAL Impact

Reserve Your Spot For A Total Investment of $97 

You have a business, an idea, or a dream of changing the world, and you're ready to get serious about making it successful.
You’re tired of being overwhelmed by the 63 different paths you could take, and the crazy amount of ideas in your head. You’re craving CLARITY and CERTAINTY.
You yearn to work with someone who is as excited about your ‘WHY’ as you are, but who has the business nous, experience and runs on the board in the conscious business space, to help you smash your goals.
You struggle to see the bigger picture when it comes to your ideas. Or conversely, you might have the bigger picture down pat, but struggle to tease out the tasks and milestones you’ll need to put in place to get there. Laura will help you get super clear on your vision and help you map out your roadmap to achieve this vision..... right down to the first small step you need to take today.
You're sick of (or booked out with) 1:1 work and crave a leveraged business that can reach more people and make more impact, you're frustrated with your product-based business and want to packaged up your expertise and experience in an online offering, OR you don't even have a business yet.... but you have a fantastic idea, heaps of passion and drive and you want to get started on the right foot..
You're struggling to raise the capital to grow your idea and crave guidance from someone who has run successful crowdfunding campaigns so you can nail the right strategy to fund your conscious business growth.
"Idea to Impact Intensive is such a great way to get really clear about your business ideas. Laura has a huge range of experience and knowledge to share. I loved the relaxed nature of the day, which allowed for plenty of discussion, sharing and feedback. It is invaluable having so many like minded people focusing on your idea and offering feedback, and having the opportunity to do the same for them."
- Anna D'Amelio,
"Idea to Impact Intensive is an excellent way to get some guidance on the next steps to take in your business, from someone who has successfully done it.
It's also a fabulous opportunity to meet likeminded women in a similar situation."
- Katrine Schleiger, My Capsule Kitchen
"The Laura's of the world are so rare and so needed right now. Women who have been there & done it themselves, and are happy to coach you on the best, fastest and most efficient way to achieve your vision. Don't think twice. Just book Idea to Impact with Laura. You won't regret it."
- Julia Keady, Xfactor Strategy
About Laura Trotta

Laura Trotta is one of Australia’s leading home sustainability educators and coaches for online conscious businesses. 

She created her first online eco business, multiple-award winning Sustainababy, in 2009 and grew the business to over 6-figures in revenue within its first year online....while working from home in a small town in remote South Australia and caring for her newborn baby.

Laura launched her first online eco-living ecourse, the highly acclaimed Home Detox Bootcamp, in early 2014 and has since guided hundreds of women to break up with toxins in their homes. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $15,500 upfront, Laura created her membership program and community Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs.

Through her programs, blog and Eco Chat podcast, Laura inspires and guides thousands of parents around the world to live more sustainably.

Laura has won numerous regional and national awards for her fresh and inspiring take on living an ‘ecoceptional’ life. She has a weekly segment on ABC Radio and is a regularly featured on I Quit Sugar, 1 Million Women and Pinky McKay. 

Laura has also successfully coached many conscious business owners to package up their experience and expertise online. As one of Australia's first certified Ontraport Consultants, she is highly trained and experienced in online marketing and automation. These skills, together with her strategic, engineering mind (honed during an 11 year career working as an environmental engineer and business improvement specialist for BHP Billiton), helps her to guide her clients to get clarity on the vision of their conscious business right down to the smallest action that needs to occur to take their IDEA to IMPACT.

When you work with Laura you’re working with someone who’s just as comfortable talking big picture strategy as the smallest action you need to take to achieve your vision….. In fact, her “zone of genius” is helping you get clarity on your vision and chunking down the best path for you to achieve it in the fastest way possible so you can make the positive impact you want to in the world.

Do yourself, your business and the world a favour and work with Laura to take your IDEA to IMPACT!

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Note:  Laura is also available for a 1:1 VIP Strategy day in Melbourne or Adelaide during August 

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